Really random question that’s been bothering me today 

If it was chilly out and you could only choose between long sleeves shirt/shorts or t-shirt/long pants, what would you pick?

Cause everyone's wearing t-shirts and shorts here    and I'm still wearing my winter clothes pretty much?? why    not dw    personal    
  1. fieldmarshalhawk answered: I’d choose t-shirt/long pants
  2. craftysquidz answered: Pants and a tshirt, any day.
  3. escapaldi answered: I am in a constant state of t-shirt and long jeans so don’t trust a word I say.
  4. uozlulu answered: I’d probably go long pants or shorts (shaved legs pending) and a zip up over a t-shirt
  5. randomthunk answered: I prefer jeans and a t-shirt. My legs are much more sacrificable to heat than my torso.
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