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The upshot of all this is that “Into The Dalek” plays more as the beginning of a season-long exploration of this new Doctor’s moral compass than as a fully realized, self-contained examination of the same, so this is an episode that will likely look a bit better or a bit worse depending on how the subsequent 10 episodes build on the groundwork it lays here. The script, credited to Steven Moffat and Phil Ford—who previously co-wrote the all-time classic “The Waters Of Mars” with Russell T. Davies—fits firmly into the Doctor Who tradition of stories in which the Doctor is forced to team up people whom he swears to protect but who somehow always end up sacrificing their lives for him; think of previous Moffat entries like “Silence In The Library”/“Forest Of The Dead” or “The Time Of Angels”/“Flesh And Stone.” The difference here, in keeping with last week’s pivot toward a more brutally honest Doctor, is that this new Time Lord never pretends the soldiers are anything other than cannon fodder. He makes no pretense of saving Ross when the Dalek antibodies come for him, even giving the doomed fool a moment’s false hope when he uses the man’s impending death to ensure everyone else’s survival.

Gretchen’s later sacrifice is particularly telling. The bargain that she makes with the Doctor—her life in exchange for an honored memory, for the tribute of the Doctor’s future good deeds—is one that countless characters have implicitly made with the Doctor over the course of the new series; this is simply the first time in which this narratively convenient sacrifice is undertaken with a minimum of the Doctor’s usual anguish or self-recrimination. The 10th Doctor was particularly fond of this, as the show turned “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” into a kind of catchphrase, slowly robbing it of its impact with each repetition. Perhaps that earlier Doctor did make an effort to feel the weight of each individual death, but if neither his nor his successor ever actually changed their ways to prevent such collateral damage, then what really is the point? The current Doctor can be more honest in admitting the dark side of his nature and his existence, and in so doing he can more readily look people like Gretchen in the eye as they prepare to give up everything to give his mission a chance at success. The Doctor can appear heart(s)less several times in “Into The Dalek,” but his tactics here only differ from those of his predecessors in style, not substance.

Av Club’s review of Into the Dalek

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Whouffle + Text Posts (part 1/?)

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Fear makes companions of us all.

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How do you feel about season 8 so far???


ITS GREAT ITS AMAZING!! Since this is my first time watching the series forwards, it’s pretty amazing and exciting to wait for each new episode. (Because for the past dw episodes, I generally knew what happened in each episode because of gifs I’ve seen) 

Absolutely amazing, I love Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. And CLARA CLARA ALWAYS MORE CLARA and her characterization in this series is even more amazing than the last season. :) And really incredible storylines for each episode so far. I have to say, I’m not complaining about any of the episodes (Although to be fair, I’m really bad at complaining about shows I like OTL;). 

Although I’m not looking forward to the end of series 8. :( GDI 9 months is a long time to wait for a new episode. 

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Clara + 18. As a kid Requested by cardinalcapaldi


Clara + 18. As a kid 
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Danny Oldsen + 4. In swimwear Requested by randomthunkWhat have I done… 




Danny Oldsen + 4. In swimwear 
Requested by randomthunk

What have I done… 


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